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My approach is based on nourishing your body with real food and removing or minimising any ‘trouble causers’, finding the easiest ways to enhance your diet to accomplish your health goals or nutritional aspirations. It’s not about an ideal ‘diet’, in fact it’s often a combination of small changes to what, when and how we eat, our lifestyle and behavior, that help to improve our health.

Health issues are often the result of an accumulation of factors and may have been building over a number of years. Changing how we eat requires commitment, and it can take a little while for the body to register and respond to the new information it is receiving or to fully engage with new routines. My consultation packages are designed to reflect this and provide the support you may need to fully implement these changes.

How to get started

Book a chat first so I can learn a little about your health concerns and make sure I can help. This can be phone or zoom. I usually take these calls at lunchtime or towards the end of the working day, so let me know a couple of available times or use this link to book in.

I will get a feel for your issues and let you know how I work. Then I will sign you up to my health portal and send you some forms to complete. Once I get these back, I can send your invoice and we can book you in. I usually need between 3-7 days to prepare, from receipt of the completed forms. 

I see clients in person in Eastbourne (Old Town) or throughout the UK over zoom.
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Initial consultation 
(75-90 minutes)

We will discuss your goals, your health history, current lifestyle and your food diary, likes/dislikes. Together with your questionnaire information, this helps me to identify which of your body systems may be triggering your health issues, and why they require support.

Taking into account your unique physiology and daily routine, I will then work with you to design a nutrition and lifestyle plan to address these factors.

Follow up consultations 
(60 minutes)

I usually recommend at least three consultations to allow time to implement the changes required and to see the benefits, but often clients work with me over a period of six months or more to embed good habits and set new standards. Busy lives often take priority and a bit like exercise if you don’t allocate the time, things can slip.

Coaching calls
(20 minutes)

These are included in my package options but can be booked as add on’s by client’s who need extra support between appointments. They are also useful for clients who have completed their main plans but need a little follow up support to keep on track.
Functional testing and supplements may be considered if appropriate. Cancellation charges are 50% of consultation fee within 48 hours.


I take the time to understand your health and your life


There is no one size fits all approach, your plan is tailored for you.

Whole body approach

I review all systems of the body to understand the root cause of your symptoms.

Science and research

As it's always developing I stay on top of it and look for evidence based solutions.
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