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Would you like to lose weight, have more energy, combat regular infections or improve your digestion? Maybe you struggle with fatigue, PMT or hormonal imbalance?

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I'm Helen Maxwell and I work with people to transform their health, through nutrition and lifestyle changes.

I believe we create our health and good nutrition is a core element of this. We often put up with a myriad of low grade physical symptoms, which become our ‘new normal’.

Health, vitality and loving life should be your daily reality.
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Oxygen Advantage Technique

Breathing is central to restoring balance in the body, influencing appetite, how we metabolise food and the amount of calories we burn. It can also have a significant effect on our emotional and mental wellbeing through its effect on our quality of sleep and ability to calm the mind, as well as stimulating the vagus nerve to regulate our autonomic nervous system. 

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