Oxygen Advantage

Improve your oxygen delivery to kick start your health

Calm anxiety... clear your airways…build stress resilience…sleep better…improve focus…improve sports performance…

Oxygen Advantage breathing exercises and protocol are designed to enhance performance for all ages, abilities and fitness levels.
No-one can reach their full potential if their breathing is disordered
Patrick McKeown
Breathing correctly is fundamental to how every system in the body works. I trained with Patrick McKeown in the Oxygen Advantage Technique because no-one can reach their full potential if their breathing is disordered.

I often advise clients on how to improve their nutrition to reduce inflammation, lose weight or improve their energy and focus. All of these metabolic processes are influenced by how we breathe and many of us have undiagnosed dysfunctional breathing, which is detrimental, physiologically, mentally and emotionally.

Master your breathing

Modern day, sedentary lifestyles, lack of exercise, limited time outdoors! Over time these factors have affected how we breathe. When we address this, during day-to-day breathing and during exercise, it can have a profound impact on our overall health. 

There is a deep connection between our emotions, our heart and the way we breathe. This connects us to our autonomic nervous system, influencing all our bodily systems and our functional movement, because the diaphragm is integral to core stability.

One-to-one or group coaching

Sign up for one to one coaching or a group session. I will teach you how to:
  • improve functional breathing in everyday life 
  • improve respiratory muscle strength
  • reduce breathlessness when exercising
  • increase your energy
  • build stress resilience
  • improve mental focus, concentration and sleep
  • improve aerobic capacity
  • improved running economy
  • delay lactic acid onset and fatigue
  • reduce risk of injury
  • improve sports performance
  • improve posture
  • train harder with less effort.
You will learn:
The science behind:
  • why we over-breathe and how this negatively affects us
  • the benefits of nasal breathing for your physical and mental health
  • how to reduce breathlessness during the day and during training
  • how simulating high-altitude training can benefit us.  
Exercises to address:
  • your everyday breathing pattern
  • how to simulate high-intensity and high-altitude training
  • breath-hold exercises to decrease anxiety
  • breath-hold exercises to improve sports performance
  • breathing exercises to connect with your breath, calm your mind and retrain your breathing pattern.
You will also get your own exercise manual to take away so you can continue with the exercises at home.


Oxygen Advantage one-to-one sessions
£48 per session (one hour). 
Recommended minimum of 4 sessions.
Block of four sessions (£180)

Oxygen Advantage groups (minimum of 3)
These run on a Saturday morning from 9:30 to 12:30
£84 per person. 

Please enquire for training at sports clubs, teams, fitness and health centres.
Guidelines: The Oxygen Advantage Technique is safe and suitable for the majority of people but some of the exercises simulate high-altitude training and are therefore similar to performing high-intensity exercise, which is only suitable to individuals with reasonably good health and fitness. Those with high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, type 1 diabetes, kidney disease, depression or cancer must consult with me prior to booking onto a group course as they may require the consent of their medical practitioner.
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