10 weeks to digestive comfort

Are you fed up with experiencing discomfort after every meal?

Are you struggling to know what to eat to prevent triggering your symptoms?

Have you tried prescription medications but suffer with side effects?

You may be experiencing weight gain, bloating, acid reflux or IBS type symptoms.
This is a 10 week one on one personalised programme where you work with me to resolve any digestive issues and reset your diet onto a healthy path.

The programme is practical and designed around your lifestyle and commitments to achieve maximum benefit for you.
“It is health that is the real wealth, and not pieces of gold and silver.” 

What we do

Get together over zoom and go through your health history, lifestyle and nutrition diary.  This session usually takes between 75- 90 minutes.

The following week we do a follow up to discuss anlaysis, strategy, recommendations and implementation. You will receive a file with your programme, recommendations, suggestions, recipe inspiration and handouts.

After a week to begin implementing the changes we then meet alternate weeks with a weekly coaching call in between. More telephone and email support is available if needed. It’s all geared to keep you on track and support you to make the changes a permanent part of your life.

What you’ll learn

  • How to improve your digestion
  • The importance of your stomach acid
  • The importance of your microbiome for optimal digestive function and how to improve it
  • How to overcome any meal or dietary challenges,
  • How your breathing affects your metabolism, digestion and heart function and how to address any breathing dysfunction or dysregulation.
  • Breathing techniques and exercises for anxiety, stress and optimal health function

The goal

The goal is to get your gut healthy and this lays the foundation for all the other systems in the body to function well. This includes your immune system, your hormonal system, your neurological health and how well you detoxify.

The sessions

The sessions are personalised based on your unique health requirements but outlined below:

Consult one

  • This consultation is all about you and your health.  We go through your body scan, health and lifestyle questionnaire so I can establish your health history and ask in depth questions about specific symptoms to direct our recovery strategy.
  • Chat through the health and lifestyle trackers and food diary which you complete before consult two.
  • Discuss likes and dislikes around food, how you shop and cook. I may make some simple initial changes for you to get started with.
  • Discuss your goals and how we will measure these.

Consult two

  • Go through your food diary and your tracker information.
  • Importance of digestion, the gut and the microbiome
  • Guidance on which foods to eat to improve the digestion and absorption of nutrients and to support your physiology
  • Guidance around food plate and planning menus.
  • Nutrition and lifestyle recommendations together with recipes will be sent out.
  • Handouts on specific topics to remind you about things we’ve discussed.

Consult three to six

  • Review the changes you’ve made and how they are working for you.
  • Change or build on the initial plan if appropriate.
  • Breathing assessment
  • The significance and importance of nasal breathing for digestion and health.
  • Training to improve your breathing function and exercises to stimulate your vagus nerve

What’s included?

  • Personalised diet and lifestyle programme and recommendations
  • Weekly accountability check in’s
  • Six scheduled sessions. After our initial two sessions we meet every two weeks
  • Meal recommendations and suggestions
  • Recipe inspiration
  • Symptom and goal tracking

What else?

We may also go shopping (if you are local) or learn new cooking skills or do extra breathwork sessions.

An audio breathing track to download and practise providing your overall health is suitable.

Whatever it takes for you to make the changes you need to improve your health.

Why choose this programme?

To get inspired to put yourself first. You probably know what to do but you may feel confused about the amount of conflicting dietary information in the press. Or you may feel overwhelmed or unmotivated to tackle it on top of everything else that you have to do in your day. I’ve lived and breathed this nutrition stuff for over 10 years and have many strategies and tips to share.

Your ‘digestive health’ investment

Programme investment £475

How to get started

Call or email me to book a discovery call – I like to learn a bit about you before you sign up and make sure I am aware of any issues that may affect your programme eligibility. Long-standing health conditions or chronic disease may require a more in depth longer programme.
Book a FREE discovery call
Note: Everyone makes changes at their own rate. We will cover as much as we can in the allocated time. There are no tests or supplements included with this programme. If required they would incur an additional cost as they may require specific assessment to address individual requirements, compatibility with medication etc. If required discounts are available for professional grade supplements from my specified suppliers.
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