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Are you fed up with being tired all the time? Is your weight creeping up and you are struggling to lose the pounds? Or maybe you know your cholesterol level is too high and your blood pressure should be much lower? Are you coping with a myriad of uncomfortable symptoms that nothing seems to resolve? The right nutrition is the foundation of your physical health.
I work with men and women to regain control of their health with practical nutrition advice, breathwork training and health coaching. It’s a personalised approach.

Nutrition, weight loss and breathwork

I'm Helen Maxwell, a nutrition, weight loss and breathwork expert. I am a Registered Nutritional Therapist (DipION, mBant) and I work with men and women to transform their health, through nutrition and lifestyle changes. I provide practical nutrition advice and functional lab testing to put your health back in your hands. I work one to one in Eastbourne or UK wide via zoom.
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Nutritional therapy strives to identify the root cause of any health issues and to support the body with the right nourishment for healing and repair. It takes into consideration the way the whole body functions as well as the very unique nature of each individual.

I have helped clients to overcome digestive issues, regain their energy and lose weight. I also work with a range of metabolic issues which, left unchecked, can increase your risk of heart disease, high blood sugar and liver problems.

For my older clients I am often working on their sleep problems, anxiety levels as well as supporting joint issues and bone density. I also frequently support ladies with hormone issues especially through peri-menopause and menopause.

My sports and fitness clients benefit from my nutrition training and learning to optimise their breathing for performance and fitness.
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Eat well, be well

I believe we create our health and good nutrition is a core element of this. We often put up with a myriad of low-grade physical symptoms, which become our ‘new normal’. 

Health, vitality and loving life can be your daily reality.
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Get your greens in!

Cruciferous vegetables and green leaves have many important health benefits.
This FREE ebook explains how and why and gives you 5 easy and delicious, health-boosting recipes. 


I teach breathwork to my clients as it gives them the tools to handle their stress and works on mental and emotional health. It also improves digestion, circulation and oxygenation of the body which can transform physical function via the autonomic nervous system. Time spent on the breath is never wasted.

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