Nutritional Therapy

The body is a protein-producing machine and nutrition contributes the raw materials. Food is information for your cells and your body and when the input changes, the body’s chemistry can change, affecting our cellular function and physiology.

The way we process, digest and assimilate food varies to an enormous degree between individuals and the same symptom can therefore have numerous different causes, depending on our individuality. This is why I take a personalised approach, pioneered by the Institute of Functional Medicine, using a matrix of all the body’s systems to assess how they may be impacting each other, building a picture of your overall health.

The information you provide about your health history, current symptoms and at our consultation, together with your food diary, is collated for analysis using a scientific, evidence based approach. Supplements and functional testing may also be useful.

We often have to nurture our bodies back to health once things have gone off track.

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I will work with you to uncover the imbalances underlying your symptoms, and then support you to make changes to improve your health, so that you can thrive in your life.

Nutrition Matrix®

I use a comprehensive nutritional therapy questionnaire, a medical history, a food and symptom diary plus lifestyle information to complete the Nutrition Matrix and assess your overall health. This helps me to understand whether any particular systems are struggling, how this is affecting your physiology and what additional support is required to re-establish balance and health.
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