Here is a selection of the kind of talks I can give. Most of these can be adapted to short talks or workshops according to your needs. 

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This talk reveals the secrets of energy generation and management, from a nutrition and breathwork perspective. It also includes the importance of sleep and the body-brain connection. Finally I include the hot topic of how to breathe properly and the science behind the ‘lost art of breathwork’.


This talk focuses on why we need to think about how we breathe and spend time focusing on it. It explains how breathing affects our health and the science behind the ‘lost art of breathwork’. This includes the biochemistry, the mechanics and the cadence of breathing. I explain how to assess your breath and how the breathing exercises work. There are also some great tips and exercises to get started.
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Food for thought

This workshop is based on the main areas I see in clinic that clients struggle with. It covers: energy generation and management to combat fatigue; eating habits and how to change them; which fats to use for what purpose; the importance of your microbiome; the science of the art of breathwork. The longer the time available the more detail and practical work I can cover.
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