Functional Testing

Functional medicine laboratory testing can form a valuable part of the investigation process, especially when conventional NHS tests come back normal, but clients just know something is wrong.
Part of the reason for this can be that traditional blood testing compares your results to a standard reference range (95% of population). So unless your results fall into the red zones either side of this, further investigation may be unwarranted. 

For optimum health however we are often looking for figures that are more in the mid range as well as for more detailed information about how your physiology is functioning, so we can target specific systems or aspects of health. 

In addition the private laboratories benefit from the most up-to-date technology, especially where cardiovascular disease (CVD) risk is concerned, as standard cholesterol and lipid testing does not provide an accurate measurement of risk (Castelli, 1986).

My approach

There are generally two ways to approach testing which is entirely optional.

1) Test when you begin working with me so we can personalise and target your nutrition from the outset, based on test results.

2) Get started with your programme and test after about three months if issues aren’t resolving to your satisfaction.

Testing can be expensive and quite time consuming and of course no test is 100% accurate. So much depends on your individual circumstances, health and attitude, all of which we can discuss during your initial consultation.

Advanced testing

I am registered with the main testing laboratories including Genova Diagnostics, Biolab Medical Unit, Regenerus Labs, Invivo Healthcare and Medichecks. These laboratories all have good reputations within the industry and I am able to speak to their specialists regarding test interpretation. The test fees include an element for interpretation, communication and recommendations. These laboratories offer advanced testing covering most areas such as:
  • Hormones
  • Digestion and gut issues
  • Nutritional status
  • Immune status
  • Intolerance and allergies
  • Cardiometabolic
  • Detoxification/toxicity


Many of the labs provide therapists with discounts which I pass on directly to you. I charge for my time to interpret the test which is usually a one off hourly consultation charge.

Test interpretation

Are you struggling to understand some test results? 
I can help to interpret this information for you. 

Book a call or send me an email and I will be happy to help.
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