Expert nutrition and coaching package

EXPERT nutrition package £1356 (3 x £458) includes:

- Free chat to confirm package eligibility and compatibility
- Health and nutrition audit Health audit
- Nutrition and lifestyle plan to achieve your goals
- Personalised supplement plan
- Unlimited support (Mon-Fri 9-5)
- Ingredient and shopping advice
- Recipes and recipe books to support plan changes
- Meal plan if required
- Advice and analysis of blood tests if applicable inc. recent NHS results
- Breathing Technique training including free audio’s if the nutrition work is completed in time
- Minimum of 9 consultations

1 x 75 minutes
8 x 50 minutes.

Revamp your diet and lifestyle for energy, health and vitality

This nutrition and coaching package will include a complete health review and nutrition assessment to try to pinpoint the origin of your symptoms and health concerns. You complete a health questionnaire before we meet which will be online via zoom or in person (Eastbourne). You will also complete a food diary and daily routine schedule which gives me an insight into your food likes/dislikes and equips me with an understanding of your capacity to implement changes.

Once I have this information I can analyse it and we will then meet so I can take a full case history and take the time to discuss and understand your goals. I will then create your initial nutrition, lifestyle and supplement plan based on your unique physiology and taking into account your daily routine and food preferences. Advice will be given re testing if applicable and your plan will be reviewed, updated and built on regularly throughout our follow-up meetings for the duration of your package. If you need further help at the end of your package you simply purchase an extension package.

You will learn:

The science behind the physiology of your symptoms and/or health concern and how we might need to account for this within your nutrition and health plan. How your current diet and eating habits may be contributing to or aggravating your symptoms and health concerns.
How to improve the nutrient content of your diet to achieve your health goals plus the rationale behind the recommended changes.
How to change and adapt the way you eat to take advantage of how the body functions and kick start your health.
Lots of practical education around food and ingredients and how to nourish yourself back to health.
How to take and use the right supplements to support and assist you during this transition period.
If applicable I will teach you how to use simple breathing techniques to reset your stress bucket so you start each day with maximum capacity. Overtime this will increase your resilience to stress.
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This programme is for you if:

You want to make long lasting changes to your diet and health all backed by science, so you can feel energised, healthy and focused on a daily basis.

You are struggling to make change by yourself and need advice, accountability and support.

You want measured, planned and achievable changes that can be implemented easily and sustained.
Nothing you have tried is working. The GP may have told you ‘there is nothing wrong’ but you don’t ‘feel right’. Your blood tests say normal but your body says otherwise.

What’s included:

A personalised nutrition plan tailored to you

You will receive a new updated plan every time we meet to take account of how you respond to the changes and what your body needs. Sometimes life gets in the way and we have to adapt to that too.

A supplement plan

I have found that supplements really support my client’s progress and resolution of symptoms. Supplements are an additional cost but I tailor this to my client’s budget. You will receive my practitioner discount.

Testing advice

Tests are an additional cost. They are not compulsory but can help to refine and personalise your nutrition plan. The rationale will be explained.

Lifestyle advice

There are many practical and straightforward healthy practices and habits that can be gradually incorporated to improve your health.

Recipe handouts and booklets

These will be tailored to the advice given and your personal food preferences, so you have everything to hand to implement your plan.

Ingredient guidance

So you can make better choices of the most nourishing foods.


You will be well supported throughout your programme with consultations, email and phone access as needed.

Health portal

All your health information is confidential and kept securely and GDPR compliant in the Healthpath pro portal. Any handouts and documents will be uploaded to the portal so you have access at any time. Your plan is also stored here together with your supplement schedule and links to information and health advice I have given.

It’s good to understand that

Changing habits takes time

Changing your diet is all about changing habits. I coach you through this and once you start getting results it usually gets easier. But building new habits requires commitment and an investment of time and energy to make them stick and get results.

The science is key

I teach you enough science for you to understand why the recommended and agreed changes are fundamental to your health. Understanding the ‘why’ makes the ‘action’ logical and supported. I use my intuition to deliver the right amount of science without overwhelm.

We are all unique

Humans are complicated. We all learn in different ways and different people have different motivations. We will work together to try to support all of this.

What to expect if you purchase a package

An invitation to my Health portal. Once accepted you can access the uploaded questionnaires to complete online.
An email from me confirming safe receipt and giving you an idea of when we will meet – usually 2-3 days following receipt of your completed forms.
Initial consultation via zoom or in person – Eastbourne.
Nutrition, lifestyle and supplement plan plus advice re testing if needed. We book in your follow up's.
Regular plan reviews and updates throughout the nine month programme.
Phone and email support as needed.
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Terms and Conditions
T & C's


Your initial consultation may run to 1.5 hours. Follow up sessions are usually 50 minutes depending on how quickly you can make the changes and how your physiology responds. Sometimes shorter more frequent appointments are better and its best to be flexible around this based on what you need and your schedule commitments.
* Supplements are an additional cost but are not compulsory. However I have found that supplements are generally very supportive of client goals. Like anything there are a range of options and I can tailor these to a clients budget to some extent.

* Testing is an additional cost if required or desired. Tests can help to focus and personalise a client’s plan but they are only part of the therapeutic picture. I do not insist on them and will always fully explain the rationale. Iron tests and thyroid antibody tests can however be particularly helpful and sometimes necessary to guide supplement plans for best results.
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You can contact me here - email or by phone 07740 876233.
I do not work with the following conditions which require additional training –
* Cancer (unless in remission and no longer under the care of the medical profession);
* Eating disorders;
* Kidney disease.

I am always available for a free initial chat to see if we could work well together and you should be able to book into my diary from my website. Alternatively just give me a call 07740 876233 or drop me an email
An open mind and a willingness to make changes will really help you.
Everybody has their own unique physiology and your response can’t be predicted. Most of my clients will start to notice changes for the better within the first month but resolving multiple symptoms or complicated health scenarios to achieve your final goal may take a little time, especially if you have been suffering long term. However when you change, the body changes and progress can be incredible when you commit.

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