Breathwork training for health

Single sessions or 4 x 1 hour course 
Location: Zoom or in person (Eastbourne)

Train your breathing to optimise your physical and mental health and restore your breath’s natural rhythm.

An informative and practical online (zoom) or one to one (Eastbourne) training course to learn how to retrain your breathing to optimise your health. Benefit from the added bonus of a stress management tool you can use anywhere.
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For general health and dysfunctional breathing issues

You will learn how to:
Breathe correctly by learning the three dimensions of breathing. Learn how to apply them for better oxygenation of cells and tissues to improve how they function.
Train the breath to calm the mind and balance your nervous system.  This helps to improve focus and attention. 
Breath to activate your nervous system and improve the body’s ‘automatic’ functions to improve your physical health. Dysfunctional breathing patterns are often present in conditions such as asthma, allergies, anxiety and poor sleep.
Learn how to use the breath in an emergency situation such as an asthma or panic attack.
Empty your stress bucket daily so you start each day with maximum capacity. Overtime this will increase your resilience to stress.
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This course is for you if:

You struggle with your breathing day to day. You may hyperventilate or find it difficult to exercise because of breathing issues.
You suffer with asthma or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) or seasonal allergies. Dysfunctional breathing patterns are often present in chronic health conditions such as erratic blood pressure, diabetes,  and many other metabolic conditions.
You worry a lot and run on nervous energy. You may feel tense or stressed during the day or suffer from anxiety or experience panic attacks. 
You struggle to get to sleep, stay asleep, snore a lot or just don’t feel refreshed on waking. You may feel tense or stressed during the day or wake up at night with your mind and heart racing and have no idea what to do about this.
You are fit and healthy but want to take your breathing to the next level to enhance your wellbeing or increase your focus, attention and performance.

You may also frequently:

Yawn a lot, sigh a lot or suck in big breaths.
You may be trying to alter your oxygen and carbon dioxide ratios or your body’s pH without even realising it.
Snore a lot or mouth breathe especially at night. 
This will upset your breathing chemistry, your body’s acid/alkaline balance (pH) and it dries out your airways, which prevents healthy functioning. 
Feel stressed and tense during the day. You may feel like you are headed for burn out if you don’t do something soon.
Have cold hands and feet:
This is often due to poor circulation which can be related to poor breathing habits

What you will learn:

Lesson One – breathing chemistry

Why the ratio of oxygen, carbon dioxide and nitric oxide matters, why it often isn’t balanced and how to do to reset this. Learn the exercises to reset your breathing chemistry, oxygenate your cells and improve focus.

Lesson Two – breathing biomechanics and the diaphragm

Why the diaphragm is so important. Why breathing using the diaphragm stimulates your vagus nerve and how this affects every automatic function the body performs. Learn and practice the exercises to stimulate and improve the function of your diaphragm and increase lung capacity.

Lesson Three – cadence of the breath and preparation for altitude training depending on progress, ability and fitness level

How many breaths you should be taking and why this affects your heart, your nervous system and your heart rate variability a fundamental health marker. Learn and practice the exercise to develop this and how to bring it into movement and sleep.

Lesson Four – track progress, practice all the exercises increasing the challenge if appropriate

Practice is the only way to learn and integrate and retrain your breathing reflexes. Plus your body will love it. We revisit all of the exercises and practice them again. Depending on your case history and progress we may increase the intensity and add resistance to challenge your body to adapt and change. 

What you need to understand

Changing how you breathe can have a significant impact on your health but practice is required to achieve results:

Starting point

You take twenty six thousand breaths a day. You have been breathing this way since you were born. It takes a little time and commitment to retrain this to something better. But I have seen quick results with some folks it all depends on the starting point. 

The science and the work

I teach you enough science for you to understand why your breath is fundamental for health and how the exercises work with it to create better breathing habits. The course is experiential though and most of the time is spent on the exercises and training. 

We are all unique

Breathing quality is integral to health and all Eastern philosophies incorporate breathing practice’s.   But our individual physiology is very unique hence the response to training is individual
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What to expect during a session

 Case history and goal discussion
Breathing assessment and measurement
Explanation of the science underpinning the exercises
Practice a different breathing exercises each session both seated and in movement, gradually increasing the intensity as you become more familiar with the exercises.
Specific personalised recommendations and homework practice
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Tools to help you learn, remember and practice:

Book and pencil icon
Exercise sheets describing each exercise plus a homework plan tailored to your lifestyle or training routine.
sound cloud icon
Audios MP3 download to follow each exercise
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PDF format book with exercises and information.

Start breathwork training now!

Four x 1 hour zoom calls or 1:1 appointments in Eastbourne
Date, time and location to be agreed
£65 p.h/ £235 4 x 1hr
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Terms and Conditions
T & C's


Each session is approx. 60 minutes and I usually advise 4 x1:1 sessions either via zoom or by ‘live’ appointment (Eastbourne).
If you are taking the course online it is ideal if you can angle your screen so I can see you performing the exercises whilst walking around (a short distance up and down is fine). If this isn’t possible you can do the exercises moving up and down on the spot. You will also need to be able to hear my instructions whilst you are moving.
Ideally leave a gap of 1-2 hours after eating before your class is scheduled. Similar to exercise the exercises are best performed on an empty stomach.
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This course should suit everyone but there are some exceptions. These are:
* Do not take this course if you are pregnant.
* If you are on medication of any kind then check with your GP and get your Doctor to approve your attendance.
* I give options for reducing the intensity of most exercises to suit individual needs but if you are not sure then please get in touch.
* If you have sleep apnea you won’t be able to do one of the exercises but I provide an alternative.

Everybody has their own unique physiology and your response can’t be predicted so there is no guarantee. But if you aren’t happy get in touch so I can see if I can help you.
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